- Sleeping bag & pillow

- Modest seasonally appropriate clothing (light jacket/hoodie)

- Water gear (goggles, floating devices), swim suit* & towel    (*girls: swimsuits must be modest - one piece or tankinis only)

- Toiletries, socks, underwear, shower stuff & towel

- Two pairs of shoes (flip flops for the shower)

- Flashlight, bug spray & sunscreen

- Snacks & money for camp store/extras in Mears

- Bible

- Close-toed shoes are required for zipline, climbing wall and paintball


Please pack a towel, sunscreen & swim suit (or wear it) and some snacks in a small bag for Friday afternoon.  We will be swimming, boating & on the sand dunes upon arrival on Friday afternoon.  Students will NOT have access to their luggage until Friday evening.


Extras in Mears:

Gift Shops - Food - Ice Cream - Go Karts - Mini Golf - Bumper Boats


Please note: Cell Phones are permitted but ONLY allowed in cabins. We do not want to risk phones being lost or damaged during activities.  And we want everyone to be able to enjoy camp without distractions.