Time Commitment

  • 1 hour on Sundays

  • 1st or 2nd Service every other week

    • 1st service meets at 9am for morning meeting in Lounge

    • 2nd service meets 30 minutes prior to service in Atrium with captain

  • Available for some special services:

    • Easter

    • Christmas

    • Other

  • One year commitment with quarterly check-ins


  1. Greet and assist with seating guests

  2. Execute the offering collection with utmost integrity and sensitivity

  3. Offer support services within the worship center:

    1. Help prevent/eliminate distractions

    2. Assist with releasing rows during Communion or other special events

    3. Lead emergency evacuation when required

    4. Coordination of worship center (i.e.) add/remove chairs; open curtains

  4. Be Visible and Invisible: do not block worshipers line of sight during service, keep talking and walking to a minimum once service begins