We are very excited and honored that you are considering partnering with OG's mission of helping people find and follow Christ by: Accepting everyone; Belonging to the Church and Believing in Christ; Continuing to Grow in Faith; and Doing Good in our World.

If you haven't already joined us for our A-Class, this is the perfect first step to start partnering with OG. A-Class meets every 2nd Sunday of the month from 4:15pm-5pm right here at OG (REGISTER HERE).

Here is an overview of our ministries:


Connect Team

  • Greeters personify our mission of acceptance and welcoming for everyone
  • Ushers provide assistance for our community inside the worship center
  • Info Table is the hub for getting our OG community connected and informed
  • Café and Hospitality teams help create o0ur community atmosphere by providing avenues for people to stay a little longer and get to know one another
  • Bookstore team helps us spread the message of God's love by providing some great resources to help people grow in their faith
  • Prayer team empathizes and helps bring hope and support our OG community through prayer and care and follow up
  • Community Life team helps get our OG community connected through a variety of events and experiences designed to create community and grow faith

Sunday Services

  • Production team helps bring the day's message to life through a variety of creative avenues
  • Music team helps bring the message to life through song. Audition information for the OG Music Team can be found HERE.


  • KidsWorld helps care for the children of our community, teaching them about God's love and encouraging their growth


  • LockerRoom helps our 6th-12th graders find Christ and apply his love to their daily lives through some great teaching, small groups and games


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