We are very excited and honored that you are considering partnering with OG's mission of helping people find and follow Christ by: Accepting everyone; Belonging to the Church and Believing in Christ; Continuing to Grow in Faith; and Doing Good in our World.

If you haven't already joined us for our A-Class, this is the perfect first step to start partnering with OG. A-Class meets monthly.


Here is an overview of our partnering opportunities, click on the names for more details:



  • Greeters personify our mission of acceptance and welcoming for everyone.
  • Ushers provide assistance for our community inside the worship center.
  • Info Table is the hub for getting our OG community connected and informed with a variety of resources.
  • Café and Hospitality teams help create 0ur community atmosphere by providing avenues for people to stay a little longer and get to know one another.
  • Community Life team helps get our OG community connected through a variety of events and experiences.

Sunday Services

  • Production team helps bring the day's message to life through a variety of creative avenues.
  • Recording team helps spread the message of God's love by providing great resources to help people on their journey.
  • Music team helps bring the message to life through song. Audition's required.
  • Communion team joins our community together as we remember the mission and passion of Christ.
  • Baptism team is key to helping Chris-followers experience this amazing step on their journey.
  • Child Dedication team embodies our commitment of demonstrating the love of God to our children.


KidsWorld helps care for the children of our community, teaching them about God's love and encouraging their growth.

  • Child Care teams teach and care for our children in age appropriate setting.
  • KidsWorld Greeters welcome our families and help guide them safely through the check-in process
  • Other Great Opportunities:
    • Crafts and Activities team helps prepare and create fun ways for kids to learn and receive the message.
    • Kids World Production team bring energy and life into communicating the message of God's love for our children.
    • Facilities team helps keep our KidsWorld area safe and clean for all our little ones
    • Birthday Party Hosts help provide an amazing experience for those who use our space for their special events.


Help our 6th-12th graders find Christ and apply his love to their daily lives through some great teaching, small groups and games.

  • Jr High
  • High School
  • Small Groups



Pastoral Care

Caring for our OG family is a privilege, and we want to do it with the utmost integrity and love.

  • Prayer team serves our family by bringing hope and support through prayer, care and follow up.
  • Counseling team aids our community through those uncertain times in life.
  • Visitation team takes the love of Christ to those who are unable to be with us here.
  • Furniture Ministry provides for the material well-being of those in our community by aiding furniture needs. 
  • Funeral Team helps care for those walking through the dark hours of grief by handling the details for them.
  • Grief Care team continues the journey of loss through the grieving process, because grief doesn't end at the funeral.
  • Meal Team brings meals to those in need from various circumstances from loss to birth!

**All Pastoral Care positions require an interview and training**

also, check out these volunteer positions we are currently interviewing for

Community Life Events Coordinators


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