Our wednesday midweek services are a great addition or alternative to our sunday morning service.

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Ever wanted to simplify the Bible?
* What's the main storyline?
* What are the major themes?
* What is going on?

Come see the Bible with new eyes through this 7-week class.

Humans tell stories to help make sense of the world around us: stories about who we are, what we do, what we should believe. The Bible tells stories too.

Too often we make the stories of Scripture sacred while missing the meaning.

Let’s explore how Biblical authors told God’s story, and how that resonates now.

Class meets in the main Atrium, Wednesdays, 3/27 - 4/24

Midweek meets in the Community Room in Building C

**Childcare available**

**Students(6th-12th grade) meet every Wednesday in Bldg A**

For additional information about Midweek contact Tim