As Orchard Grove, we are passionate about helping people find and follow Christ. We strive to reflect the loving heart of God, which is open to everyone. Our Now series is designed to reveal God’s loving heart by helping us all to be present to God's Spirit working in the moment as we interact with the world around us. We believe that Community Small Groups are the most impactful way to help people find and follow Christ, and we invite you to partner with us on our mission to reveal God’s love to this world.

We are excited for you to join a group for our Galatians series!

Please take a moment and look through our open groups to see if one is right for you. 

When you find a host you would like to join, please indicate that on the form below. If you are unable to find a group that fits, please fill form below and and keep checking back as the groups will be updated frequently!

Name: Rick & Jana Kaatz

Location: Milford

Day: Monday

Time of day: 7-9p

Type: Open


Name: Jody Paris

Location: White Lake

Day: Friday

Time of day: 7p

Type: Adults, 21+

IMG_1199 (2).JPG

Name: Kim Johnson

Location: Milford

Day: Wednesday

Time of day: 7, dinner at 6ish!

Type: Open to all


Name: Daniella Kawamba

Location: Orchard Grove

Day: Sunday

Time of day: 1p

Type: 20's-30's

Name: Mary Orofino

Location: Orchard Grove

Day: Tuesday

Time of day: 9:30am

Type: Women's


Name: Tim & Jenna Beehler

Location: Canton/Westland

Day: Tuesday

Time of day: 7

Type: Young families

Please fill out this form to contact the group leader! If you haven't found a group yet, please fill out this form, but do not indicate a group leader and keep checking back. We will do our best to alert you when a potential group opens up.

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