Small Group


Small Group

looking for a way to get the conversation going and deepen your faith with friends?

Small Groups are simple. Grab a couple friends, log on to this page, and your on your way.

Choose from one of our available group studies

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Join us for our Fall Series Study on Prayer:

All Access

God is accessible through prayer anytime, anywhere, to anybody - we have All Access! Recognize this and engaging God in prayer that really works might mean rethinking prayer, but it also might be the most transformative and impacting thing you ever do!


How to be Spiritual without being Religious

This 8-session series takes a look at the letter to the Galatians.

Discover the big ideas that Paul was writing about and how they can fit into your life.

This Is Us

This 6-session series explores the messiness and beauty of the relationships that make up our lives.

Row the Boat

This 6-session series looks at what it means to be part of the church and how we can use the gifts, talents, and passions god has given us to help row the boat of the kingdom.


Love Does

This 4-session series shows how the power of the Gospel message is found in the act of loving others.

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Peace & Contentment

This 6-session series dives into Paul's understanding of finding Christ's peace in our lives