The ABC’s of Orchard Grove: It’s All About Love

Orchard Grove’s heart is helping people find & follow Christ and discover they are loved and that God’s arms are open to anyone and everyone. By opening our doors, arms and hearts to Accept Everyone, everywhere, the Orchard Grove family lives out Jesus’ call to love our neighbors as ourselves - the highest calling. We invite you to partner with us in this movement - to Accept Everyone, everywhere with the love and openness of Christ.




Belong & Believe

“Belong to the church,” “Believe in Christ.” These are two of our core values at OG, but what do these two phrases really mean and what effect, if any, should they have on who we are and how we live? Join us as we look into what it really means to belong to the church and believe in Christ.




In the Hebrew Scriptures there is no word for “spiritual,” Jesus himself never used the phrase “spiritual life.” Why? Because for Jesus and his tradition, all of life is spiritual – there is no separation between secular and Spiritual.

In this film, Rob Bell (Love Wins) uses compelling illustrations to walk us through what that really means. Dive into the beginning and see what God was doing in creation and why it matters to us today.




Too many times Jesus is interpreted as simply another 'religious figure' among many religious figures. But this eliminates the understanding of a man who lived in time and space at a critical time of history.

This class will use a variety of avenues to explore essential biblical texts and non-biblical historical material to embrace the larger story of a Jesus of history, including some video teaching from N.T. Wright and in-class discussion.



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