Hey everyone, Tim here. 

     I hope this letter finds you well. Hope you've had an opportunity to join us for our current series, "Undercover Boss" (catch up HERE). This past Sunday, Pastor Chris talked about our natural human tendencies to follow the path of least resistance. It made me think about water.

     Water always seeks its own level. This simply means that water, no matter what kind of container or area it is in will always seek the lowest spot and fill the area while maintaining a level perfectly perpendicular to the earth's gravity. Water in a cup is level. Tilt the cup to one side and the water changes it's shape, but not it's level. Water is always trying to maintain balance, not make waves (forgive the pun).

     Another amazing aspect of water is that when in motion, it seeks out the path of least resistance. Water will always work its way around obstacles whenever possible, taking the lower ground as opposed to the higher ground, shifting and diverting all over the place. Have you ever seen a winding river? It winds because it took easier courses around objects.

     So water likes to maintain balance, and it likes the easy path: sounds to me like water is a real pushover... but it isn't!

     Water, when in small quantities isn't much a big deal. A droplet of water evaporates quickly, it moves slowly, it gets sidetracked and stagnated at every turn. But here is something interesting about water, it can unite and combine with other droplets to and grow and gain in size, strength and potency. In fact, join enough droplets together and you form some real strength.

     The Amazon River, the mightiest river in the world, is fed by melting snowcaps. That's right, melting snow. Drop. Drop. Drop. Snow melts and slowly joins together to form little pools, which join together to form little streams, which join together to form tributaries, which join together to form the Amazon River dumping 55,000,000 gallons of water into the ocean PER SECOND! Think about that. Or look at the Grand Canyon, that beautiful American landmark. It was formed by the Colorado river winding it's way through the desert rock. That's some pretty impressive stuff for water droplets.

     One thing that can happen in our lives is that, on our own we can become very sidetracked, very reserved and very ineffective in the things we'd like to be effective in. But you get a couple of us droplets together, and we can literally move mountains. That is what the body of Christ is supposed to be; not isolated droplets attempting to single-handedly save the world for Jesus, but a community of people coming together under the banner of Jesus love for all creation.

     Let's come together as the body of Christ, let's unite under that banner of love, let's be a mighty river and change the world!