Orchard Grove's "Max Impact" campaign needs your help, and there's no better time to contribute than now -- before the federal tax deadline of December 31.  Our $300,000 goal is within reach, but we need those of you who made a pledge earlier in the year to follow through with your gifts.  If you're among those who perhaps forgot, or if you were waiting until later to join the campaign, you can get a 2016 tax deduction by making your grant this month.  Please consider helping us reach our goal.  Thank you!

Help us continue to reach more individuals & families than ever before through the ministries at Orchard Grove by partnering with us in a fundraising effort to MAX OUR IMPACT!

Our goal is $300,000 over the next 12 months

If we conduct a successful annual campaign, we will:

- Offset $120,000 per year lost in rent from Building B when the tenant moved

- Reduce debt on our mortgages/facilities

- Establish a "sinking fund" to handle large building expenditures

Bottom line, reduce debt to maximize the missions, message & ministries of Orchard Grove


help Maximize the missions, message & ministries of Orchard Grove!


Financial statements are available upon request