Time Commitment

  • Baptisms occurs 2-4 times per year as needed
    • Baptisms typically occur during both services of the scheduled day
  • Baptism class happens 1 week prior to the baptism for those interested
  • 1 year commitment


  • Facilitator Team:
    • Schedules baptism services and baptism classes
    • Communicates with baptism participants
    • Takes care of logistics for the day - setup/cleanup team; media team; reception team


  • Setup/Cleanup Team
    • Prepare baptismal pool day before baptism
    • Cleans and stores after
    • Keeps inventory of towel, rugs, etc.. needed for baptism


  •  Media Team
    • Puts together pre-baptism interviews and makes short video for baptism service


  • Reception Team
    • Puts together after-service reception for those baptized and their friends/family